I am a guy, who is happy most of the time, trying to live a simple, uncomplicated life. In my spare time I try to help others – nothing more, nothing less.

I consult in Information Services area, have lived in California (many call the place – true God’s country) for most of my adult live.

Seven years ago, I lost my best friend to a horrible illness – breast cancer. I miss my sister Aldona very much, and I believe she is in a much better place right now, still watching over me. Boy, I need it.

I also miss terribly my two wonderful children – Amelia and Daniel, who have been abducted by their mother to Poland in 1998.  It’s been over 15 long years when I was able to see and hug them for the last time.  Since that time I’ve been fighting the incredibly corrupt legal system of Poland. Country, which one would expect to change since becoming free democratic country in 1991, but still not capable of shaking off old habits of inept, ignorant and corrupt people (specially working for the government, courts, and media).  I came to realize (and accept the reality) that  my fight is not going to help me and my children, but I hope, it will make a difference for other folks in the future.

For last few years I’ve been taking care of my wonderful mom (aka Momzie – presented in the sidebar of this blog). She’s been the rock for me and my sister throughout our lives. I love her so much.