Why signing up for Google+ is too risky

Few days ago I was invited to join Google+ by one of my friends in Poland. I’ve heard about the new Google feature, and since one of my favorite photographers was already on it I decided to give it a try.

After the initial profile setup steps, I got a little bit nervous. All of the sudden, all of my Android contacts were exposed by the very open Google social media application… no good. Linking Picasa was a nice touch, so was a new concept of friend circles (hopefully, Facebook is working on similar feature as we speak). And  finally  an option to edit previous entries  with possible misspellings was a real winner for me.

But the rest of it?  I was not impressed at all. Actually, feature-wise Google+ seems to be  not even a beta-test level.   Look and feel reminds Facebook version 0.51. No good.

And then comes today’s revelation about Google’s policy and possible consequences: you violate one of many policies, and you lose access to ALL of Google services.

YES! This includes your cherished Gmail address, Picasa, web hosting and others.

Obviously, nobody  here is going to support sensible Google policies, and need to protect  them by punishing the abusers. However, every time I see a statements “hate speech” in a  possible  user “sin” list, I get very nervous and suspicious.

In the word of free speach there should be NO provisions to disallow  so called “hate speech”. The corporate leftist don’t really believe in the right to free political speech.  They want to be able to lie, spread the rumors, occuse their policial opponents of many hidious things, but… when comes to protecting conservative talk speech…. they want it gone.

Google corporate folks seem to be WAY to liberal (totalitarian for those needing some translation), and very connected with today’s WH regime.  Nobody in their right mind would/should risk such a exposure to a possible “hate speech” accusations by somebody in a virtual world that is full of leftist droids, or by one of Google corporate censors belonging to  PMSNBS circle of friends. These exact people, who believe that truth doesn’t matter, as long as the(eir)  fight for the “cause” justifies the outcome, should not be entrusted with your basic email communications.

No sirree Bob! I am not going to do that type of electronic suicide.

I am not saying that Facebook owners are less evil, but at least if I piss them off and my account gets suspended, I only risk one insignificant part of my virtual presence (which BTW I can rebuild quite easily, by opening another single account).

Luckily, Google provided a “downgrade” option. It removes the Google+ feature and restores your “standard” Google world.

After experiencing Google+ for 3 days, I cut the cord; I am gone from Google-social-Facebook-wanna-be-imitation-Plus, and you should be too.

You’ve been warned!