Photography … my newest passion.

Photography seems to be my new calling. Taking pictures, and later processing them using either Photoshop Elements or full blown CS4 can turn an afternoon walk with a camera into hours of limitless possibilities of picture composition, lighting and color effects, creating panoramic pictures by stitching many others, retouching some skin or background imperfections,   etc.
Taking pictures of your park, trees, buildings and animals can be very rewarding, but the most fun that one can have is to take pictures of people, and children in particular.

Don’t take me wrong, before you master the art of picture taking you will go through a healthy dose of frustrations (my being using  external flash light with my Canon XTi). If you do not have patience, you may not survive the initial numberless out of focus, over and under exposed shots that have been ruined by an amateur photographer (this means YOU).

I was fortunate to be asked by my priest to be the official picture taker from some church events, so I got to take many of very rewarding pictures lately. What a blast!  First Communion, Corpus Christi procession, new altar boys’ introduction and the Christmas Eve dinners. So many pictures, so much disk space to use, so little time!

Even today, I got to take few family pictures, which will bring a lot of joy not only to me, but to the folks I am photographing. Even one of the headers for this blog is a panoramic creation of my afternoon walk to the local park.  With the help of Photoshop CS4 and a good use of adobe tutorials, I managed to create a decent looking background headers for this site (look for the island with few pelicans at my city’s artificial lake).