Happy Birthday Jim!

OK my friend.

One more year has passed,  so you and I have added some “millage” throughout last 12 months. All Americans got new el Presidente ( I call him Obambi, since I am such a big admirer of his ), you’ve been getting used to the new title of “grandpa”, “paps”… and lovely Jennifer is getting married in July. The last one hurts a bit, since I WAS hopping that she would settle for a more mature guy, and I would be calling you “Dad” some day – with all the love you deserve, of course.

Anyway, hoping that your birthday anniversary was a fabulous one, I wish you all happiness and anything your heart may desire my friend. Stay positive and most of all healthy.  Remember, you and I are may be a bit older, but we age well, and our families, friends need us.

The next time we meet, let’s finish the  bottle of “Goldwasser” – remember that one?

In a meantime my friend – Happy  B-day!

– Bogdan


To make your day a bit better, I found this little music clip.  I hope you like it.

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