We ARE in the Obama-recession/depression era.

As it was expected (by the thinking part of the world)first, the news on election results brought the stock markets 3000 points down in couple of weeks, as investors feared the new era of socialism is going to hit United States of America. 7 days after the inauguration of now President B. Hussein Obama, we KNOW we are racing into a socialism with a warp speed in previously so democratic country.  Democrats in US Congress don’t even pretend that this is not their goal. 

Why this gloom and doom for USA? Funny one should ask this question, since so many people hated previous president and his administration with such a passion, and wanted “changed” .

And “the change” is coming.  Here is what happened in just 7 days, since President Obama took over the highest office on Earth:

  • USA  taxpayers will now be paying for killing unborn children of African, Indochina, South Africa.
  • Obama  government will (most probably) nationalizing banks (note: sell BAC tomorrow buy gold and silver) and many other major industries in our country.
  • Forcing some financial companies to accept loans, which are going result in “preferred” status for the government, and ultimately leading to … nationalization.
  • Democrats all over the country are demanding that opposition is silenced, conservative radio talk shows are taken off the air . Last 3 days Rush Limbaugh is being a subject of almost every AP / ABC / CBS / NBC / CNN news, with one common subject – how to silence the guy.
  • New trillions of dollars are being printed to “stimulate” economy. In socialist terms it means: giving $6 bln + to “community” organizations (brown shorts possible picked up as preferred garment) like ACORN, giving tax credits to those…. you don’t pay any taxes, spend on the usual “pet” social projects like… the abortion of children, the teachers unions, the new government buildings. All of the things that will grow government economy.
  • Forcing domestic car producers to meet new unachievable standards in fuel economy in next 2 years. Failure will probably result in nationalization.
  • Calls to impose limits on executive compensations.
  • Freezing any domestic offshore oil drilling, which was approved not so long ago by previous administration (remember the $147 a barrel / $5 a gallon gas?). Obama is still to explain  his campaign promises to drill.
  • Oh.. in last 3 months California has achieved something that only Jimmy Carter was able to do – unemployment level is getting closer to %10.  Even illegals from the south of the US boarder are going back home for better job opportunities. Go figure. 
  • Hugo Chavez has already warmed up to the new Prez. 
  • B. Hussein Obama decided to do his first TV interview with … AL Arabiya. He accused his countryman of oppressive history, promised to talk to Muslims (with Iran specially). We are still waiting for any news about possible meetings to surrender to Al Qaeda.

So,  we are still waiting for the brown shorts member to search house by house for any conservative Republican, to be sent to special re-education camps with gates “Arbeit macht frei”.  All of this as liberal “useful idiots’ are cheering and trying to silence the “divisive” conservative “rhetoric’.

Interesting times. Still waiting for any announcement regarding May 1 celebration and military parades in particular.

You wanted change, we got it.