Merry Christmas to all!

Today is Christmas Eve. The world is full of hatred, duplicitous people, hunger and injustice. The same world however, is also full of good people, hope and kindness. It seems, that during Christmas time one can find mostly decent people, who become more gentle, more understanding, and most of all – much kinder.
Christmas spirit is evident in California, where so many cultures meet, and a lot of weird things tend to happen. Christmas however is special. I spend 2 hours walking around my neighbourhood taking pictures of beautiful Christmas lights and ornaments. For few moments I forgot how year 2008 was miserable for me and others. I met many parents walking with their children, taking pictures, smiling and wishing each other Merry Christmas. I only wish, that during this period people think less about shopping, and reflect more on their loved once.
So, Merry Christmas everybody!

Christmes in reflection

Christmas in reflection

Christmas 2008 in California

Christmas 2008 in California

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