Upgrade to my blog.

All of the news coming from the Wall Street, from State Department, and last election results got me into a very depressing mood. Luckily, WordPress.org announced a new version of their software.

The upgrade itself didn’t take that much time1, and off I went into the new administrative interface. Different to be sure, but I do agree with the authors – much quicker and easier to use. I took some chances with this one, but it looks that there are no show stoppers2 that would make me consider a rollback. So far, I am happy camper.3

As I was forgetting the story of the [slider title=”crooked investment advisor from New York”] It is just mind boggling how a New York money manager Bernard Madoff was able to pool a 50 BILLION $ scam being audited by a bunch of government geniuses from SEC … on a regular basis! BUT, the most ridiculous thing about this whole thing is – Lots of people knew that he was “cooking” the books, AND they still invested with him! HOW STUPID or GREEDY can you be?  Well, this 70 old crook is going prison big time, but a lot of people will be left penniless. Sad.[/slider], I looked into few WordPress plug-ins. I decided to give them a “go”.

First, I opted for a optimization. New plug-in I used moves all the javascript code to the end of the page. It is a suggested technique for allowing the main static content to display as soon as possible. This gives the perception of the page to load faster. So far, it seems to do its job.

Second on the list, were two add-ins to provide footnotes and “sliders”4. I notice one blog site to use them, and …. I liked it enough to give it a spin.  Will see, which one is going to stay, and which one is going to go((I don’t think that adding so many plug-ins is going to be “healthy” for the overall performance of the site.))

Tomorrow … oops… today5 is a celebration of “Wigilia””  in my Church, so I better finish.  Tomorrow, I will upgrade my second blog for my children. I still need to figure out how to split the content into multiple distinctive sections without going to multiple installations of WordPress.  Oh well…

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  1. Finally, I stopped fighting the basic requirements of deleting 2 directories, as the instructions suggested []
  2. I still remember a bad aftertaste from a 2.3.x to 2.5.x upgrade []
  3. UPDATE: As I was doing the “last minute” check, I discovered a bug in “AJAX Comments” module. Had to disable it, until a fix is available. []
  4. they work the same as footnotes, but they are hidden, to be exposed upon a click – give it a try above. []
  5. I better go to bed soon []