Democrats in US in a meltdown mode because of one woman

One woman caused a total meltdown in the ranks of American left.  Obama and his supporters only two weeks ago thought that the US presidency is theirs, and now?  The are in a state of total panic, which some compare to a meltdown, and the should be. John McCain completely surprised his opponents by choosing for his VP spot a little know to most of Americans, governor of Alaska – Sarah Palin. Everybody was surprised, and eager to hear from this woman. She looked like a Hollywood movie star, but … everybody wonder, why would John McCain pick her. And, everybody got the answer during her speech at the Republican convention. She completely knocked down her political opponents, and they knew it.  Since that speech, most of thinking Americans are in love with this woman. Obama and his surrogates, are trying desperately to destroy this lady by inventing “problems”, accusing of lack of experience, attacking her family (like here 17 old daughter). 

Again, the leftist useful idiots of Hollywood decided to join in, and help their idol Hussein Obama to defeat Republican team. Drudge on his web pointed to a video where one of top Hollywood fools decided to embarrass himself. Matt Damon, the Harvard drop out decided to share his “wisdom” with the rest of the world. Acknowledging that he knows NOTHING about Sarah Palin and doesn’t plan on learning anything about her, he proclaimed that she would be a total disaster once elected for a VP spot.  This “wise man” was lucky enough to be picked to play a part in few movies that were created by, or started by people,  with real talents, made some money, and know this (in his little brain) qualifies him to speak out on matters of world politics.  As I am writing this blog entry over 2300 people expressed their thoughts on his “exposure” of Sarah Palin. I don’t thing that Matt is going to like what was written about him (he deserves every insult he got there), and I believe that this (evidently) not so bright commie is going to learn first hand (through his pocket), that freedoms do not come cheap. Most thinking Americans are truly fed up with the screenplay readers, who try  to dictate what is good for US, or the world.   Even “progressives” with some sense of decency refused to follow the extremists of Obama camp.  Hillary Clinton is not playing the anti-Palin game either.  Wise woman, I say.  Matt Damon should use his partial degree of English major to deliver the lines of the movie scripts, instead of pretending to have any insights to politics, or science, or … life in general. He is too young, and too arrogant, and too ignorant about most of the things that matter. Being friend to useful-I-wanna-be-his-twin-brother-idiot Ben Affleck does not help him either.

One more thing. John McCain proved  that experience count in no matter what area.  He outsmarted Obama with his VP pick, and EVERYBODY knows it. He IS going to be our next president, despite that Matt or Brabra-oh-so-old-but-still-so-dumb-Streisand hate the idea.