Interesting ad about messiah Barack Hussein Obama

You always can count on YouTube community – they always deliver. Here is the newest ad on Barack Hussein Obama, the official candidate of the Democratic party for the upcoming November elections, by his political opponents. As Obama’s critics say, nobody knows much about the new Democratic “main guy”, who is supposed to “save” America from …. George W. Bush. Well, they never tried to explain why George Bush. The guy is not running, the guy cannot run any more the same way as President Bill Clinton cannot.  Well, but let’s forget about this inconvenient truth.

Anyway, the ad is trying to bring to light some facts to light, which the Obama REALLY does not like (is suing to stop running the ad).

Let’s see what the fuss is all about:

Now we know. The guy hates America, the guy supports terrorist, the guy’s carer was started by a terrorist.

Every time I think about Obama and his call for “change”, I ask myself: didn’t people of Venezuela elect a guy who promised them a change, and gave it to them? Hugo Chavez, the leftist thug, promised changes, and changes came. He imposed a totalitarian regime on Venezuela, abolished constitution, nationalized all major industries, and (most of all) introduced socialist economy in Venezuela (lack of food and basic daily necessities, you know, the one that already failed in ALL socialist countries before).  Only his close “friends” who provide him with support, the same way others supported Stalin, Castro, Mao, Hitler, etc. do not have to worry about anything except keeping the populous in check.  

Americans, specially the Democrats, need to stop and think for a while, before they decided to cast their vote this November.  My friends, watch what you wish for, you may get him, and it will be to late for being “sorry”.

And, so you don’t think that the label of messiah is my invention, I assure you it is not. Many wiser men have called him that name:

Funny, ha?