Rudy didn’t understand the “understanding” with Cardinal Egen… go figure.

It just amazes me how Catholic politicians could have been so obtuse about their stand on abortion. Finally, one of them got slapped by his local cardinal – welcome to probably the most embarrassing moment of Rudy Giuliani. According to AP report that I found on Rudy Giuliani got a phone call (I imagine) from Eminence Cardinal Edward Egan about Rudy’s insistence to disobey an understanding that both of them had prior to Pope Benedict’s visit in US – Rudy was not to take a holly communion [as a “open unrepentant sinner”] . Rudy, probably thought, that there was still “business as usual” in his diocese, but … this could get him excommunicated in a very sudden way. He probably didn’t get the Pope’s “there-is-new-sheriff-in-town” message, about cleaning up the Lord’s house. Rudy thought (again), that “playing politics” with the Cardinal is going to be unnoticed. Well, this could create a very uncomfortable situation for the former presidential hopeful, as Holly Father’s message of Church focusing on quality and not quantity of its flock, was directed not only to the priests, but to other influential members of the Church.
Rudy, my friend, you are it!

I hope that his arrogant “No” to the question by the media about him being uncomfortable with having broken the Church ban on taking Communion by the divorced and remarried, is going other Catholics to re-examine their support on ANY Catholic politician who runs for an office in the future. Same type of arrogance is not reserved to Catholics only, other Christian denominations have their own pro-abortion politicians too.

I hope my bishop has the same type of response to another alleged Catholic – Nancy Pelosi.