Justice Scalia on “60 Minutes” … love this guy!

It’s got to be my lucky month – I got to watch to one of my few favorite man of this world: Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. This man does not give interviews, and this one was a real treat (I’ve enjoyed it as much, as I did the one with his colleague Justice Clarance Thomas). The guy was interviewed my an old “60 Minutes” bimbo – Lasley Stahl. It is embarrassing to watch a mature woman, who is trying to make a hit piece on a man that she despises, yet she tries to by “objective”. I was truly amazed how brilliant Antonin Scalia was in dealing with this disingenuous woman:
Here is the first part of the interview:

Part 1 of CBS interview with Justice Scalia

I love the way he finished the segment:

“… Anyway, this is my view, and … it happens to be correct!”

and the second one:

Part 2 of CBS interview with Justice Scalia

Justice Scalia comes across as a confident, yet very humble human being. In this video, when asked (or rather attacked by the self proclaimed jurnalist) about his Catholicism, and a possible influence on his legal opinions, he made a very eye opening remark. He reminded his critics that philosophy of constitutional originality actually prevents him (intellecually at least) to impose prohibition of abortion in USA. Why? Because United States Constititution says NOTHING about the subject. He pointed out that the “other” site (the “evil” pro-life folks) often argues that unborn child is indeed protected by the “equal protection clause”. However, according to him, this would also be the “stretch” as the arguments of the oposing ideology. So … do liberals still want him (or Justice Clarence Thomas) to leave the court? One word of wisdom – watch what you wish for, you may get it!

I hope that CBS does not remove these two clips from their web site.

Justice Scalia more and more ventures into book writing. His latest book is coming out in few days. I can’t wait to read it.