Memo to Al Gore … get off the “juice”!

I hate to sound like a broke record, but every time I visit, I get more, and more evidence of lies that Al Gore is trying to spring on the population of this planet. Him, and Jimmy Carter should be locked up in a prison for their stupidity and danger that both of them pose to America’s interest, and …. to themselves.
Here is a brief clip of a very articulate explanation of relationship between temperature and CO2 levels.

Al Gore’s dream (in addition to convince the world about his Internet “invention”) is to become the first president of the New World Government. Demonstrations by the real scientists, who dispute Al Gore’s nonsense, can only stop his kind of madness.
BTW, as I watch the former I-want-to-be-the-next-USA-President , it \is becoming more and more evident to me, that Al Gore did indeed inhale something in his early days.