Spanish Parents Faking Divorce For School Spots … socialism at its “best”.

Interesting factoid for the general public on how socialism perverts families even in a historically Catholic country like Spain.
I according to BBC article Spanish parents are getting fake divorces to get their children to … state schools. Spanish Parents fake their divorces … for their children.

Neo-socialist Poland also had the same issue, when the government announced that single mothers would qualify for extra 50$ amount in child subsidies not long time ago. Well, maybe the same brains should remember about the “progressive” USSR. All anti-family “programs” worked so well those days, that today’s Russia had to start a new program – institute special holidays for couples to have sex with a thought to procreate, and provide future workforce for this nation.

As BBC quotes one of the Catholic priests, who explains new “phenomena”:

“Now a marriage contract in Spain has less strength than a business contract,” says Fr Alonso.
“Couples can effectively get separated in about 24 hours.”

But he was not surprised by parents going to the extreme of divorcing to improve their child’s chance of getting a good education.

“This is happening because of a lack of freedom to choose in our education system,” he said.

“Most parents want to send their children to independent schools that are partly funded by the government and partly independently funded, many of them are run by the church. But the government isn’t facilitating an education system that provides enough of those schools.”

And as a result, the “progressives” in the socialist government of Spain accomplished one very typical for oppressive regimes result – citizens snitching on each other (can you say: “Stalinists are here!”?). Same as in former Eastern Block, now the “Old” Europe is following the suite.

As BBC continues:

Reports suggest that private investigators are seeing a rise in business from parents who want other parents checked out because they suspect them of lying about earnings, where they live, or their marital status in order to advantage their children and secure a place in the local school.

And during 2007, Andalucia’s authorities received more than 700 complaints from the public accusing parents of faking their children’s school applications.

Nice – SS and KGB would have been proud.