Convenient lie in “Inconvenient Truth” – why Al Gore is a liar.

The real “consensus” man-made for global warming

I just found great documentary on the subject of global warming. It shows how Al Gore is a fat liar, who is interested in nothing less, but a global government control over people. His hokey stick “theory” has been abolished by two scientist, who analyzed the model used in describing Al Gore’s graph. The theory was based on computer and methodology errors.

Simply said, The model that Al Gore presented and was followed by the rest of the “environmental lobby” crowed is a fraud. The scientist now KNOW that Al Gores charts, which were supposed to prove that temperatures follow the CO2 levels, kept CO2 and temperature separately on purpose, to hide that CO2 levels are not causing, but follow temperature changes.
Co2 or temperature …what follows what.

This abolishes that “man made” global warming theory.

By the way, if Al Gore paid ANY attention during his science classes, maybe he would have learned that plants LOVE CO2. The more there is CO2, the more bio-mas we get.

You can view this one hour documentary “Global Warming or Global Governance” visiting Google videos. If you can thing for yourself, it should make you think.