Hillary, Obama or John …what to do, what to do?

US politics are getting more and more heated. Due to Rush Limbaugh’s brilliant “operation chaos”, democratic party is in a process of self-destruction. Osama, oops wrong racist Obama Husain Barack with his racist pastor Wright and Hillary with her own version of racist pastor, are exchanging personal attacks, which would normally make all republicans happy. However, the republican alternative – John McCain – causes bunch of headaches to the Republicans as well; he is a liberal and the other two socialist. So, the question to which a lot of conservatives will have to find the answer, do we really want to vote this year? American economy is going down the drain, thanks to “progressives” in both parties, and the President, who’s intelligence only very few people in this country are trying to defend (me, being one of them).

One would have to get really depressed, if it wasn’t for occasional humor that can be found on Internet:

Sad part of the above YouTube clip depicts true stories about all presented people.

Here are the option that Americans will have to pick from this November:

  1. Osama – shit, I better learn his nameObama Husain Barack -a communist senator, who is not afraid to lie and trow his own grandmother under a bus, calling his racist pastor as his spiritual guide, and with a wife that …. REALLY scares the living lights out of me (she still is not sure, if she can be proud to be American). Barack, privileged half black/half white is trying to convince everybody, that he is not privileged citizen. According to him, giving birth to a baby is a PUNISHMENT! Now I know, why all of these liberal feminist are so pro abortion. Question remains, what do other women of America think? Do they think, that their sons and their daughters are the biggest gift and blessing, or the punishment?
  2. Hillary Clinton – socialist senator, a feminist (wonder what she things about the “baby = punishment” dilemma), whose real DOCUMENTED experience is being married to a whore  fidelity challenged male  – Bill. She successfully (at least for a short time) managed to cover up his extramarital escapades. Her ties to communist China, her lack of self control, and constant lies, are as scary as her opponent Obama.
  3. John McCain – rino republican senator, who believes (same as Clinton’s), that the Presidency is his birth right, and he will sell his own mother to get it. He believes in global warming Kyoto rig, he is going to raise taxes (same as the other two socialists), he doesn’t believe in America becoming independent from foreign oil. His achievements? Bunch of new tax increases, double crossing his own party on many occasions (some people call him “maverick” to describe this)

So, instead of getting depressed and suicidal, I will get myself a cone of ice-cream tonight, and … watch another episode of News Busted clip. 🙂