After they become irrelavent …

Jack Nicholson – previously great actor, who used his God given talent to entertain millions on this planet. At the same time, Jack proved to be ONLY a great script reader (at least in the past), who has become less and less relevant in this world, and for whom even Viagra is not able provide personal satisfaction any more. So, he is trying to assume a new role – political pundit. Unfortunately for him and many of his former admirers, it is only an act (some would say – act of desperation), since it has nothing to do with reality, wisdom or (even) good acting. His acting skills became so lame and weak, that NOBODY (except for some “useful-we-believe-everything-what-Michael-Moore-says-idiots”) is going to believe or respect him any more. Here is his latest attempt in trying to be relevant again -commercial to support Hillary Clinton:

What a sad view! He used few clips from his old movies to … support Hillary Clinton – the true master of hypocrisy. He reminds me of other Hollywood “geniuses” has-beens that are so “60 minutes (and too many plastic surgery intervention) ago”, but often presented by the press as the conscious of America: Robin-sleeping-with-babysitter-Williams, Jane-Hanoi-no-talent-lots-of-plastic-implants-Fonda… sorry, I don’t have that much space and time to list them all.

I don’t know if I should be happy or scared watching how the lefties of Hollywood are trying to choose the next President for us:Billary Clinton, Barack-Husain-we-don’t know-shit-anything-about-except-of-scarry-woman-Obama-Osama or John-the-liberal-sellout-so-called-hero-and-certain-liberal-McCain.