Don’t go to Mexico!

For years, I’ve been telling my friends – “Don’t go to Mexico- it is not safe out there!”. It seems that in recent years it became so dangerously, that EVEN AP started noticing the obvious:
Top story on unsafe trips to Mexico.

Personally, I don’t see ANY reason to go to this corrupt, third world country. It has nothing to offer that US or Canada or Europe can (Have you been to Poland or Slovakia lately? They ARE both, beautiful and safe!). Oh yea – the pyramids. HOW CARES about a pile of rocks? Wouldn’t you rather go to Hawaii, have a good time and NOT be raped like one of the women described by the article :

Lori Hoffman, a San Diego-area emergency room nurse, said she was sexually assaulted Oct. 23 by two masked men in front of her boyfriend, San Diego Surfing Academy owner Pat Weber, who was forced to kneel at gunpoint for 45 minutes. They were at a campground with about 30 tents, some 200 miles south of the border.
The men shot out windows of the couple’s trailer and forced their way inside, ransacked the cupboards and left with about $7,000 worth of gear, including computers, video equipment and a guitar.

So, you obviously have serious crime in the region and the authorities (that includes American) are not concerned too much.

Local media and surfing Web sites that trumpeted Baja in the past have reported several frightening crimes that U.S. and Mexican officials consider credible.

Like there was NO credible evidence of police corruption and crimes committed on foreigners in the past… suuuure.

Americans have long tolerated shakedowns by police who boost salaries by pulling over motorists for alleged traffic violations

So the police extortion was considered “normal” and not a problem. Thanks for clarify this small “misunderstanding”…