Microsoft Home Server from HP – EX470 and EX475

It is a rainy day here in California, and here goes my 3 post today. This time I need to say something about my other passion – computers.
The time when there was only one computer in a household is gone for ever. Today, it is not a matter of “if” but “how many” computers are at home. Also, the amount of stored data has grown from megabytes to hundreds of gigabytes or few terabytes. We store more and more files that represent not only spreadsheets or (for the savvy ones ) Quicken/Turbo Tax files. Today we need to protect pictures and movies that represent our memories, our lives.

The “evil” empire (for some of the computer folk) fought back and … provided us with a fabulous (IMHO) solution. Microsoft Windows Home Server (WHS). Product based on mature Windows 2003 server modified to provide headless access (no monitor required), backup of all attached workstations (actually- XP and above only) with software raid support (redundancy at the folder level), etc. .. One can buy this program on a CD ($170-$180 + tax) and install it on his own hardware or … (and this one is a better one) by an appliance from reputable vendors like HP.

Speaking of HP and WHS. The good folks at HP released server HP470 and HP475 which is basically a PC based appliance which is capable of supporting internal 4 disk drives (we talking 2-4 TB of storage babe!) and additional storage using external USB and eSATA interfaces. You can access this little and VERY quiet box via 1GB/s Ethernet card. You can “have” it for about $600 in a single drive configuration (add 3 extra 750 GB drives at $160 each and you have a monster).
HP EX470 / EX475 back and front


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