Michael Moore’s brain. Does it really work?


The genius of America’s “left” has announced to day on his blog the following …

“I am not endorsing anyone at this point. This is simply how I feel in the first week of the process to replace George W. Bush.”

I have a simple question to this this guy – WHO gives a shit cares “slim”, REALY? Do you actualy think, that even an average democrat cares whom a known America hater (you know – the one that travels to ‘Old” Europe so often to bash not only George Bush, but ALL Americans) endorses?

Also, as you correctly noticed, George W. Bush is on his last year of his presidency, so … why does you think love to use Ebonics from time to time that any Democrat are still running against HIM? I have a flash news for you Michael – YOU can sleep, do nothing (maybe except for occasional trip to Pizza Hut for a “supersized” peperoni or Hawaiian special), and George W. ain’t gonna be the next President of this country – for sure!

BTW, Mikey, I think you DO need some serious help – TODAY Not even Dr. Laura is going to help you bro! I listen to her from time to time and know her limits – she ain’t it. In your case, strong medication will have to be used. You don’t even have to go to Kuba to get it, since you can afford the best in this good U.S. of A.

Your longing for yet another nut job your friend Al Gore to run for the the office of the President just proves my point, when you say:

I’ve been wanting to ask the question, “Where are you, Al Gore?”

Well, your buddy Al is busy making a fortune off his new “religion” of environment. He was anointed by the Norwegian Nobel committee to be the high priest of the “Greens”, and now babe is a ch-aching time…
If your other best friend Bill was able to “recover” financially after the Monika’s stain on the blue dress episode, why shouldn’t Al? At least, he didn’t rape Oh sh.t, I almost forgot about the disclaimer allegedly any woman !

I found a great 30 sec replay to Michael Moore’s about his trip to Cuba by Fred Thomson – short and sweeeeet: