Rush doesn’t get upset – he gets even …

Last week or so most of (educated and independent) United States is a witness to a fight that was started by the libs. They aimed to destroy (again ) Rush Limbaugh, and as predicted they failed.
Rushed used a political Jiu-Jitsu move and made a laughing stock of the 41 Democratic senators.
Using Harry’s Reid letter that was to destroy this great radio personality by issuing a slanderous letter, Rush by his brilliance, is raising money for his great charity by auctioning this historical document. Document that proves that a group of American government tyrant-like officials, against the U.S. Constitution, is in the process of silencing a private citizen just because they thing it is right.

Here is the current money count on Ebay:

Go, Rush!

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the original auction (ID 260170172469), which ultimately hit 2.1 million US dollars, has be already removed by eBay (lesson learned!), so … no more graphic above. Sorry.