The psychotic left never seize to amaze …

The psychotic left never seizes to amaze me …

I thought I’ve heard it all, and I was proved wrong – again.

The “compassionate” left (for the “useful idiots”: I am being sarcastic) , has been known to come out with some truly ridiculous ideas in the past, but this time, their two new ideas take the cake, and ARE worth an entry in my blog (and seem to keep giving, and giving …).

On September 21 2007 I found an article on titled – “Glamorous politician wants law to allow 7-year itch”. OK… the title WAS intriguing. Was this evident “excitement” by the AP warranted or not? Naturally! The so-called “Bavaria’s most glamorous politician” (have you seen her late pictures? – the bloom glamour of this “chick” has been gone for some long time!) announced her brilliant idea of marriage expiration! The magic number – seven (7) years. Gabrielle Pauli (that’s the name of the puny “brain” behind this novelty, stated that “The basic approach is wrong … many marriages last just because people believe they are safe,”. Then she continued with her “brilliance” – “My suggestion is that marriages expire after seven years.”. GREAT! This pretty much would be a win-win for MANY fidelity challenged men (or women). This pretty much explains, why SHE couldn’t stayed married last two times. No legal fuss, just “forget” about the renewal of the license, and the “old” hag (or geezer, if your are a woman) is gone from your life. Most of the reasonable people would think that this idea was a practical joke, but it is not! This desperate, attention starving, two-time divorce announced the idea with an intend to get on many first pages of every leftist newspaper in the world. And boy – she did!. For this leftist, marriage is not about commitment, it is only about HER happiness. However, questions should be asked- is she?

Last week, I also found yet another article on my fateful that makes me wonder – Is God using September for his get-some-comedy-out-to-my-people month? European socialists located in Austria try to convince the world (using the power of its courts) that a a 26-year-old chimpanzee should be declared a person. For these who hold American high school diplomas, or the Hollywood “intelligentsia”, few words of explanation are needed – chimpanzee is a monkey, no matter how good it can drive a car, or if does drugs. As the story goes, the group president, Martin Balluch, insists that Pan is “a being with interests”. For him, lack of “human” in the world “being” does not matter. This may explain, why he (and many like him) would not hesitate to kill an unborn human being (for all regular folks – unborn baby). In fact, he cares less about it, since baby CAN potentially become a conservative boy who “hates” the environment.

So, the two EU socialists proved that the psychotic left of Europe wants in reality put this world on its head. It wants to destroy families, it wants to destroy religion (except for the religion of liberalism of course), and it thinks that monkeys deserve an equal (or better) protection than humans.

Think about these two facts when you go next time to the voting poles to decide about the future of America. Casting your vote for “liberal” may be a very risky proposition. And, if you live in Europe, you should be scared – it may be too late for you already.