Great man on 60 minutes …

One of the most expiring people that I know of is Justice Clarence Thomas. Last night 60 minutes did an interview with this great man. What a feast! This smart man, called by many liberals (and perceived by the rest of the useful idiots crowds) a mediocre mind proved again, that smart people don’t have to talk about their intellect – they just have it. I was surprised that 60 minutes (the one, that for years employed Mr. Dan “I-will-fabricate-any-document-to-prove-my-point-and-want-70-million-for-it” Rather aka “The-big-liar” Dan) allowed Steve Kroft to do a segment, which finally was about telling the truth. Reporting that was actually talking positive about conservative justice. This makes me wonder – why?
I loved the entire interview (I hope Ann Coulter writes something about it),but there are few lines that are simply precious:

“Some of the rules were that my grandmother was always right. That meant him (grandfather) too,” Thomas remembers. “And he would say, ‘Old Man Can’t is dead. I helped bury him.’ I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that. He felt very, very strongly that nothing was impossible.”

On question if he could change his views on the bench, Justice Thomas said

“My journey has over the years been almost that of a prodigal son where you journey away from your roots in the South. And now, I’ve returned to my roots,” Thomas says. “And that’s why I entitled my book “My Grandfather’s Son.” I have returned to my grandfather and to the way he raised me. And I think that’s home and that’s where I’ll stay.”

Now I know, I can sleep without worrying … 🙂