Hey, the “Old Europe” finally admitted…

They are pompous anti-Catholic bigots. The only compassion that they show for are child molestation, sexual deviancy, religions of Islam and atheism. As far as Catholics (and probably Jews), Christian gestures or symbols, the leftist of Scotland (EU as well) believe that the gas-chambers of Stutthof, Auschwitz or Treblinka are the only appropriate expression of love. Congratulations!

And, if you think that I am pulling your leg, use Google’s News search engine with the following words “Boruc” and “cross”. You will be presented with a list of articles describing an incident, which took place in February 2006, in Scotland (part of “old Europe” aka Londonistan).  Remember, you need to do it soon. Tomorrow may be to late. Google may be forced to remove these articles to complete the news “cleansing” process.
Artur Boruc, the Polish goalkeeper, playing for the local soccer club – Celtics crossed himself before the game. Well, the religiously “sensitive” prosecutors and police officials decided that this gesture equals to the gesture of a middle finger. Responding the complaint by “some offended soccer fans”, the local police censured the player with an official “caution”.
Few days later, as good leftist they are, (after a storm of protests by the local Catholics and their Church) a quick rewrite of the history took place and the “pink brigade”  communication officers stated that the official reprimand was not for the crossing, but for some other (unspecified) action indeed.

Well, to this day the same officials have yet to tell the public what this particular action was.
Again, the “compassionate progressives” proved that when they talk about the freedom and religion they mean rather “from” and not “of”. They did not see Artur’s right to express his religious believe in public as human right at all.
Let’s wait and see, what will happen when Artur Boruc (or some other Catholic) crosses himself again in public (and he will do it, to be sure).  Will the liberal Scots send the anti-terrorists to capture this religious “fanatic” alive, or will they just give the orders to shoot him on the spot?