Another “hate-crime” in Seatle.

Can someone explain to me why the PC crowd insists on calling certain killings or beatings as “hate crimes”? Is there such a thing as a “love crime”?

Anyway, another “brave” representative of the alleged religion of peace, held a gun to a 13-year old Jewish girl’s head to gain access to a building of a Jewish organization in Seatle. Naveed Afzal Haq – the Islamic scum “hero” – used two semiautomatic pistols to murder one and injure five other unarmed women.
Naturally, he would not pick a fight with an Israeli or American soldier, but Jewish unarmed women or child – bring it on!

Best of it all, is the story of the Associated Press (I call them Associated Pukes, which is more accurate description of the organization) itself. The liberal, Jew hating, reporter uses words like “allegedly” to describe actions that have been well documented and the assassin has admitted to. Same folks are very happy and trigger happy when it comes to write on alleged crimes committed in Iraq or Afghanistan by US forces.

The article can be found here.