Godless: The church of liberalizm…

I don’t buy/read too many books that do not relate to technology however, every time Ann Coulter writes one, I make sure that she gets my financial donation.

Her last book, “Godless: The church of liberalism”, caused quite an uproar among the leftists, so I could not wait to see what was that noise all about.  Two weeks ago I bought and … actually read this book. Wow, what a treat! Now, I really get the anger and the attacks that the political left launch against Ann.  She really hit the nerve of the hysterical liberals – she exposed their religion and priesthood (the teachers).

As usual, Ann could not be attacked on merits (she DOES her research), so the drive-by-media and the usual suspects from the Democrat party slandered her by lies about her book. Particularly, for only ONE sentence, which Ann included in the book.  Obviously, they had to lie on what she really said, so they completely omitted the context, in which this sentence was used. Interestingly enough, Ann was NEVER attacked for calling liberals “godless”.  This WAS (and still is) OK with them. Actually, they are very proud of it. The funnies thing happened –  the alleged controversy not only didn’t hurt Ann’s book, but it made it number ONE on the Amazon.com best seller list.  You’ve got to love the libs.

Anyway, if you want to read very insightful, to-the-point and VERY funny book, go and buy it now. I bought my at my local COSTCO store at a usual 50% discount.

Have fun reading Ann’s “Godless…”.